The basic requirement for to be partner with us

  1. High degree of competency in the skill with good practical/industry exposure.
  2. Good communication skills along with people skills.
  3. Sense of responsibility
  4. Passion for teaching

At CTC we are always on lookout for the trainers with the high competencies and skills. If you feel that you have a skill in any of the following areas or skill that can help others to achieve their aspirations professionally, but above all more importantly that money is not your only motivating factor and you want to train people because deep down you have passion to share your knowledge, passion for teaching , learning, passion for making our society grow professionally and thereby transforming lives for betterment, you are more than welcome to join us. We always have need for great minds and souls who can share the vision with us.

Technical or Analytics Skills Requirement

(list is not exhaustive, industry is agile and so are we)

  1. Any Analytics language
  2. Analytics Models
  3. R analytics
  4. Python
  5. Big Data
  6. Tableau/ Qlik View
  7. BI
  8. Financial Modelling
  9. VBA and Excel

Other Skill Requirements

  1. Quantitative skills for Fresher
  2. Personality Development and Motivation
  3. Effective Communication and language fluency

Training someone requires far more than just knowledge on the subject. Here at CTC we feel responsible for the time and every cent invested by our clients with us. We never compromise on the quality and direction of the training. We expect the same commitment from each and every member of our team. If you value what you just read and understand our concerns, get in touch asap, At CTC you don’t just working as trainer but as mentor and make difference to people’s lives.