Benefits of Learning Python Programming Language

Python is recognized as a high-level, object-oriented programming language that involves integrated dynamic semantics that is utilized for the app and web development. As compared to other languages, Python is assumed as a relatively simple language. This is because the web developers who want to learn Python need to focus on the unique syntax that [...]


All the training would be provided by Industry Experts who already works on Big Data Hadoop platform. Backup Class in case you miss any session. Theory + Practical Training along with case studies in order to get better understanding of concepts. Complete course material with no extra cost. Free doubt clearing session after completion of […]


Introduction to Qlikview Introduction to the concepts of Business Intelligence, learning about QlikView, the unique features of QlikView that make it the market leader, comparison to other BI tools, the complete overview and architecture of QlikView, studying the various file types and extensions. Qlikview Products Learning about the various QlikView products, understanding about the QlikView […]


Data Science using  Python & One more programming language This course is suitable for anyone looking for a transition in data science career. It covers the basics for beginners to an advance level of application. This is designed by industry experts and inline with the interview requirements and certifications. This will cover below modules: Base […]