Python FAQs

List of FAQs

What is the duration of this course?

Duration of course ranges from two and half months to upto 3 months in weekend program for Python with machine learning and data science.

I am from non-technical background will I be able to understand it?

Yes, most of our clients are coming from non-technical background like BA, B.Com and they are able to completely understand it and lots of them are already placed. This course has no other prerequisite. If you have a non-technical background your effort increases slightly but you can and very well understand and get the placement.

 Can I get the placement after doing this course ?

Yes, this is a pre placement oriented course. There is lot of demand in market for Python and machine learning experienced resources. Please get touch get in touch with us to talk more specific to your profile and your chances of your profile getting placement.

What is the duration of each class ?

Class ranges from 2 hours to up to 4 hours depending upon if there is assignment or  case study planned for that day. Assignment classes are optional and some of the clients prefer to do it at home by referring it to recordings at CTC portal

What is the Mode of conducting classes ?

Mode of classes are classroom and online through online live . If you enrol for classroom classes you automatically get online live classes through webinar and pre-recorded classes via CTC Portal.

However you also can access pre-recorded classes via CTC portal for revision and assignments

I have 15 years of experience in sales which is non technical should I enrol for this course ?

This is a profile specific question please get in touch with us to give you better answer after the profile analysis but in general people with 15 to up to 20 years can also go in data science fields we ourselves have got  people placements  with up to 25 years of experience and in the age bracket of 50 Plus.

Are there weekend batches ?

Yes, we have all our faculties working in the industry so we have weekend batches for all the program.

Are there weekday batches

Yes, there are some weekday batch is well running in some of the centres. It varies from time to time please get in touch to know about more about current batch timings and locations.

What is the package that I can expect after placement with this course?

The package after the placement is an outcome of many things. For eg.  For a fresher the usual packages between 4 lacs to up to 5.5 lacs from a normal college pass out. However,  if you have experience then you get your next CTC based is on your current salary. For example if you have a current CTC of 10 lacs then you can get easily around 14 lacs. If you have current CTC of 5 lacs then upto 8 Lakhs. Plus there are other things as well like the organisations your working and for how long you have been with those organisation please get in touch to know about your profile placement scenario

What are the batch sizes you have?

We keep our classroom batches small to facilitate better learning and usually the batch sizes are of 7 to 9 participant.