Alteryx Training Institute In Gurgaon and Delhi NCR

CTC- AlterYX Syllabus

Introduction of AlterYX


  • Understand Alteryx Designer terminology WorkflowCanvas
  • Alteryx Designer Interface
  • Become familiar with Designer User and Workflow Settings

Alteryx DesignerUI


  • ToolPalettes
  • Configuration
  • FavoritesPalette
  • WorkflowCanvas

Alteryx DesignerUI


  • ToolPalettes
  • Configuration
  • FavoritesPalette
  • WorkflowCanvas

Handling data


  • Missing data, Skip, Random sample, Append data
  • Impute Values
  • Data Cleansing
  • Formula
  • Append Field
  • Random % Sample
  • Unique
  • Running Total

Restructure your data

Split data, skip records, use a record as field headings, pivot and unpivot data and trim and split fields using:


  • Input Data
  • DynamicRename
  • Text toColumns
  • Transpose
  • CrossTab
  • Formula
  • Directory
  • Cross Tab
  • Comment
  • Sample
  • ToolContainer
  • Select
  • Filter
  • Output Data
  • Record ID
  • Unique

Create static reporting

Create static reporting: Create a report including maps, charts and text all on the same page using:


  • Table
  • Charting
  • Layout
  • Date TimeNow
  • Email
  • Sort
  • Render
  • ReportMap
  • ReportText
  • Image
  • Perform spatial analysis

Join data from different sources

Join two tables from the same database, join the result to an Excel spreadsheet and view the output as a Pivot Table in Excel using:


  • Filter
  • Summarize
  • Browse
  • Union
  • Join  Multiple
  • Input Data
  • Formula
  • Join
  • Output Data
  • Date Filter
  • Generate  Row

Perform spatial analysis

Specify a trade area, match customers within the trade area to the nearest store and draw a map showing the store trade area  and the customers using:


  • CreatePoints
  • SpatialMatch
  • FindNearest
  • TradeArea
  • Distance
  • SpatialInfo

Parsing data with regular expressions

Use REGEX to parse input data to create a new field, filter by a parsed REGEX expression, split a field into multiple fields, select and ignore fields, apply a sequence number to all rows, create spatial points, output as a Tableau Data Extract, create a  polyline from the spatial points and browse the final result using:


  • Multi-Row Formula
  • Record ID
  • Poly-Build
  • RegEx
  • Text to Column


Applying different algorithms to solve the business problems to understand the Industry application