Python Course Highlights

Who should attend this course: Anyone who wants to learn Python programming can do this course. There are no pre-requisites of this course.  We start this course from scratch such that even a beginner can understand this language and build codes.

We at CTC offer Advanced Python Certification Course in Delhi include quality education by most qualified and experienced python trainers.

No prior programming background required

No Technical degree required but effort to learn may vary from individual to individual. Training is provided by Industry experts with working experience in Python and Data Science with Machine learning.

Apart from the concepts listed below there will be industry projects in this course to have practical exposure the application. So consider this as just outline structure and eventually there will be more topics covered as per industry demands and application than listed here.

  • Python Language + Data analytics using Python
  • No prior coding background required.
  • Covers the basics of python programming
  • Takes you through industry based applications of python programming in Machine learning and data science.
  • 5 – 7 Industry projects included as part of application based training.

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