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Hi All

This article is dedicated to all those people who somehow feel that they are not able to target the right opportunities despite being all the necessary skills mentioned in their resume. One thing that I have realized from my experience is that with right Resume one can significantly increase the number of interview calls and chances of selection in that interview by 10-15%.

We are going to discuss some very basics about the resume writing. Although there are many websites that can tell you about this but then what harm it would do to upload one more web page on internet. Moreover, I am targeting only technical SAS resumes here rather than general resume writing tips. I am going to be as much practical and illustrative as I can.

The key to write a resume is the perspective. I mean that we have tendency to design our resumes according to our liking but the fact is it should be in the perspective of recruiter. Always ask one honest question that if your resume reflect all the information recruiter is looking for, that to in a highlighted and presentable manner. Remember that many consultants and HRs are going to see and process your resume before interviewer. Once they forward it to a requirement , then the interview is scheduled.   These consultants are always in hurry. They have to process 100s of profile every day. They are not technical. They are just familiar with the basic words like SAS, base SAS , macros, Advance SAS, SAP, java, SAS BI, .Net. etc. These words don’t mean anything to them. They are not interested in your actual project experience details. They just look for Job description keywords in your resume and map it with the requirement.

Don’t expect that they will understand that if you have experience in SAS Data Integration Studio then you are also eligible for SAS BI or SAS ETL requirement. So do mention all your skills explicitly on the first page of resume.

Design and content of resume depends highly on the level of your experience. A fresher may want to include strengths and hobbies as he does not have much of experience to share whereas for a 3 yrs exp person there is no space left for these trivial things . So please analyze the content to be included based on how much you have to share. And also remember that this is a practical world. Refrain from

including statements which cannot be proved and are subject to judgment like:-

Proven ability to work under pressure
Ability the get best out of team and motivate them.

Excellent team player with high level of personal initiatives and Ability to handle multiple tasks simultaneously

Objective and Resourceful with a Result-Oriented Approach.

Flexible in dealing with changing organizational needs and advances.
These statements have practically no positive impact on the interviewers mind. These are just statements that people copy paste in their resume from other templates and interviewers know this very well. 
The First page of the resume is the most important page. Try to give maximum useful information here. This page should be dedicated to the consultants requirement. Design this page so that all the important questions are answered easily like experience summary, total experience , relevant experience, Skill set, contact no, email id, current organization, employment history,  location and qualification. Don’t mention obvious things just because other people do. Think about it that how will it help them to asses you.
For example
Career objective 1: As a part of team, I want to face the challenges concerned with software development, associate myself with a Software organization, which can utilize my talent to the maximum by putting me into a challenging and dynamic assignment while providing me enough space to grow.
Career objective 2: Certified SAS BASE Professional with 3yrs of experience, strong analytical, Numerical and statically skill, MBA and Graduation with ECO (Hons) with Statistics, successfully completed four groups of CFA Seeking a position in analytics profile where I can put forth the best of my knowledge and experiences for the growth of the organization.
Now when you think about Career objective 1. It’s just big and jazzy words with no content. Whereas the second objective gives some useful information about the person profile.
Don’t think that you will not get chance to express yourself. You will wonder that most of the interviewer does not even read your project experiences. That’s why the first question of every interviewer is “tell me about yourself”. They just draw a picture of your overall experience and skills from the keywords in your resume.
I have seen people mentioning their projects in so  much details with headers, description , roles and responsibilities, environment,  that it will take even half to one hour to read it completely.

You need to priorities the things. Highlight only relevant experience. Other experiences can be summarized in two to four lines.  Thumb rule is that no matter how much is your experience, in resume project experience should not exceed two pages. So total pages in resume can be 3 to 4. It should not look clumsy and flow of the resume should be nice. The things should be clear in just one glance like organization , duration and skills used in the project. I have seen resumes with more than 10 projects mentioned but presented in two pages nicely. So reduce the content. Remember that you will get chance to explain things in the interview. So prioritize accordingly.
If possible, mention the primary skill projects explicitly. Sometimes a profile has SAS BI or macros in skill set section but no project is mentioned with the skills. So it becomes unjustified.
If you are mentioning fake experience, make it justifiable and you should be able to defend it. Meaning that if you are mentioning that you are 3 yrs experience in base and macro SAS then the interviewer’s expectation is going to be high. So it would be good idea to split this experience into two skills like base and macro SAS for 1.7 yrs and SAS BI for 1.3 yrs so that you can defend yourself easily. Try to add complete project environment to make your experience look more credible.
Don’t mention obvious skills. For example  if you have 2 or more yrs experience in programming and you mention below skill:-
Operating system: Windows XP, Windows 7
Tools:   Microsoft excel, MS word, paint
These skills are expected even from a graduate. So its sheer waste of time for reader. If you are really good at something and feel that you should include that, then make it specific for example:-

Proficient knowledge in Microsoft Excel including Pivot Tables, Data Entry Forms, What‐if‐Analysis –  Data Tables, Scenario Manager & Goal Seek, Different Charts Graphs, Vlookup, Hlookup, Match, Index, Relative & Absolute Macro Recording, VBA
Do mentioned information if it is of some use to the target profile For example
Operating system: Unix
Tools: QC , Info share, Ration Software Architect etc.
Try to include and learn the other tools and skills usually used in the project in industry along with primary skills like Unix, VSS, toad, edit plus, RSA, QC, document management tool, defect management tool etc. This gives credibility to your resume that you have actually worked in a real project environment.
Highlight keywords using bold fonts the in the resume.
Mention profile summary and skill set explicitly on first page of resume.
In the end my last advice is just Google the keyword “resume writing tips” and you will get a lots of WebPages uploaded. Spend some time in reading these and then update your resume. Don’t take this task casually as you never know what opportunity you might miss. So give it your best shot.
Best of luck to you my Friend !
Please feel free to write to me or contact to me if you have any query or wants to share your views.
Also in the end I would like to explicitly mention that this is my personal view and no one is obliged to follow it if he doesn’t agree with it.

Your suggestions are welcome.

S. Mittal
Customize Consultancy
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